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Frequently Asked Questions2021-03-31T09:55:02-04:00
What Vendor/Manufacture/Distributions of Java to support2021-03-29T13:40:18-04:00

Oracle and AdoptOpenJDK

Each release of ResponseMaster is tested and certified to run on specific version of Oracle Java and AdoptOpenJDK Java. See the ResponseMaster notes to get the specifics.

Will ResponseMaster run of non certified versions of Java?2021-03-29T13:40:00-04:00

ResponseMaster will most likely run on other distribution of Java but it is not certified. A host can run multiple versions of Java and ResponseMaster can be configured to use a specific version of Java. The support team can assist you if need assistance in setting this up

What is the difference between JRE and JDK?2021-03-29T13:39:39-04:00

JRE and JDK is a name of a java download bundle. Generally, when a version of Java, say version 11 is ready for download, it will be bundled as JRE and JDK.

JRE -> Java Runtime Environment. This is what most will want to download and use to run ResponseMaster. This provides a runtime version of Java and does not include any of the components used to build applications using Java. For a version of Java there are generally three distribution

JDK -> Java Development Kit. This provides all the java components required to develop, build and distribute Java application.

Some versions of Java have a LTS designation. What is does “LTS” mean and do I care?2021-03-29T13:39:12-04:00

LTS means, Long Term Support. ResponseMaster is tested against the LTS versions of Java. Non LTS versions of Java contain new features the Java community has requested. It would be rare we would recommend using a non LTS version of Java.

Should I uninstall old versions of Java?2021-03-29T13:38:51-04:00


ResponseMaster can have reliability issue when there are multiple version of Java on a host computer. See follow for details: https://java.com/en/download/help/remove_olderversions.html

What should I do if I’m having issues uninstalling old version of Java?2021-03-29T13:38:27-04:00

If you have issues uninstalling older version of Java please read the following for assistance: https://java.com/en/download/help/remove_olderversions.html

Does 32 bit or 64 bit hardware architecture matter?2021-03-29T13:38:08-04:00


ResponseMaster only support 64 bit computers.

Does 32 bit or 64 bit Java matter?2021-03-29T13:37:34-04:00


ResponseMaster only support 64 bit versions of Java.

What customer relationship managers (CRM) and/or contact mangers (CM) does ResponseMaster support?2020-09-22T16:23:22-04:00

All. This includes Salesforce, Monday, Pipedrive, Capsule, Vcita, Freshsales, InfoFlo, and HubSpot. If your CRM or CM is not listed, don’t worry, we support it. The ResponseMaster engineering team continuously adds new adaptors to update the data in these systems.

What is a VERP?2020-09-22T16:22:52-04:00

Variable Envelope Return Path (VERP) is a technique used by email generators to track to whom an email was sent. For more Information, see Wikipedia.

Does ResponseMaster support VERP (Variable Envelope Return Path)?2020-09-22T16:21:49-04:00

Yes. The use of VERP is employed by most Email Service Providers and most businesses that send thousands or millions of emails. The use of VERP is the most reliable means to identify to whom a specific email was intended. No matter how complex the VERP algorithm, ResponseMaster can decipher it.

Are you looking for a bounced-email solution?2020-09-22T16:21:22-04:00

ResponseMaster is the answer. ResponseMaster is the most sophisticated bounce-processing engine you can find. With over 25,000 categorization rules, and support for all languages around globe, there is no better product available.

Does ResponseMaster integrate with Salesforce?2020-09-22T16:21:01-04:00

Yes. See the Salesforce bounce management solutions for a full description of the options. (Link to Salesforce page) The simplest and least-complicated solution is to use the Premier Response Processing Service. You provide Extreme Messaging with the returned emails. We process the emails using ResponseMaster and then we work with you to get the Salesforce list updated with the correct status. We have a certified Salesforce consultant on staff ready to work with you. The ResponseMaster software license solution works for customers who are looking for a product that constantly monitors and processes bounced emails as they arrive.

What is the difference between ResponseMaster and a “list-cleaning” service?2020-09-22T16:20:42-04:00

ResponseMaster fully processes all aspects of the returned email. There is no better means to know the status of an email address than processing the returned email in full. A cleaning service will examine only a few factors about the email address prior to delivery to try to determine if it is valid. In the end, however, their analysis is still only a guess if any particular email address is valid.

Where can I find the processing log?2020-08-30T18:45:49-04:00
  1. Processing log file ../ResponseMaster/output/log.txt.
  2. By default the log file will roll over to a new version every 24 hours and 14 days of log files are retained.
  3. All of this is configurable in the ./ResponseMaster/config/logConfig.log.xml. See doc page for details (link to doc page)
When does my license key expire?2020-08-30T18:45:15-04:00
  1. Open the ../ResponseMaster/config/License.xml. Look for the line <ExpirationDate>2019-12-31</ExpirationDate>
  2. Contact ResponseMaster support at support@extreme-messaing.com if an updated license key is required.
Where can I find the license key?2020-08-30T18:44:16-04:00


How do I add a connection to a database?2020-08-30T18:43:27-04:00
  1. Documentation on config values here.(link to docs)
  2. See video (link to video)
  3. Explanation
    1. Open config tool
Does ResponseMaster automatically sort bounced/returned email?2021-03-29T13:44:00-04:00

Organizations wrestle with what to do with all the returned or bounced emails after sending out a mass email or newsletter. Often marketing managers or others try to process the information manually. This is generally a time-consuming and cost-prohibitive task, as it can be hard to understand the reason for the bounce. ResponseMaster solves this problem. The software automatically processes all your bounce-back messages and returned emails accurately and provides you with an array of details and insights.

Can ReponseMaster tell if my business has been identified as a spammer?2021-04-05T21:47:41-04:00

Nobody wants spam. We fight it everyday. But what if your organization is sending out legitimate emails and has been identified by an organization as a spammer? How will you know? Unless you have sophisticated bounce management software, you will probably never know and your emails are not delivered. ResponseMaster immediately identifies ISPs that are blocking your emails.

Can ResponseMaster understand email in multiple languages?2021-03-29T13:43:35-04:00

Many companies are international these days. They have customers in the Americas, Asia and Europe. That means emails are sent out in multiple languages and processed by servers that also communicate in multiple languages. ResponseMaster understands most major languages and processes emails around the globe.

Can ResponseMaster handle challenge responses?2021-03-29T13:43:29-04:00

Some ISPs are sophisticated enough to use challenges, similar to two-factor authentication. When someone signs up for your email list, the server wants to make sure you’re legitimate and sends a message to confirm the end user has opted into the correspondence. ResponseMaster understands the issue and sends the response to the proper location.

Can ResponseMaster identify user replies to a message?2021-03-29T13:43:24-04:00

One of the unique features of ResponseMaster is its ability to identify responses from customers. In a reply to your mass email, your current customer might have a question or a potential customer might send an inquiry. You need to identify and understand these messages. ResponseMaster comprehends the intent of the message and sends it to the appropriate email box.

Can ResponseMaster differentiate bad email addresses from those that might be good?2021-03-29T13:43:16-04:00

Email is a complicated process and interpreting the exact meaning of a bounced email can be challenging. Different servers process messages differently. One of the hardest things to do is determine what the message is telling you to do. Mail servers sometimes split the message between the body of the bounce message and an attachment. ResponseMaster has the most accurate bounce email processor in the industry. The state-of-the-art software breaks the bounced email into 18 parts. Once the email has been broken into parts, the program applies sophisticated rules to determine the type of bounced message. It can differentiate between different types of bad email addresses.

Can ResponseMaster help improve email delivery times?2021-03-29T13:43:08-04:00

Delayed email delivery is a common issue for businesses that send out mass emails. The attempted delivery of an email to an incorrect email address can tie up a delivery channel to that ISP for minutes. With limited channels to an ISP, attempting to send messages to bad email addresses can take minutes. At the rate email addresses change, over time your mail servers spend more time attempting to send email to bad email addresses than valid emails addresses. ResponseMaster provides you with a list of email addresses that are bad and can be removed from your list. These are called hard bounces. It will also provide you a list of email address that might be bad. These are called soft bounces. With this information, you can keep your email list clean and up-to-date and your server running efficiently.

Can ResponseMaster help me reduce the time it takes to clean up my email list?2021-03-29T13:43:00-04:00

As your email list grows, you have to spend valuable time keeping it clean and updated. Some organizations try to develop their own bounce-management system, but this takes time and money. Other companies try to do it manually, but this is also a time-consuming process. ResponseMaster is a valuable way to preserve precious resources and efficiently manage email lists.

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