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Email is the lifeblood of a business, but receiving a lot of bounced or returned email significantly challenges the effectiveness of your campaigns. Bounced or returned email can have many causes, including such things as addresses that no longer exist or servers that deny requests.  Feedback may be chaotic and customers may be waiting for a response that could take extensive research.  All of this represents delays that can result in personnel costs and loss of goodwill.  ResponseMaster is your best solution to this problem.

ResponseMaster functions like a railroad switching station

…directing bounced and returned emails in the appropriate way.

How does ResponseMaster Work?  ResponseMaster will start up when your computer boots as a Windows Service or as a Linux Demon process.  When it starts, it will locate the bounced/returned emails and begin processing each message.  Bounced and returned email messages will move through the following three steps:



The email is broken up into its component parts.  This is where some of the magic of ResponseMaster transpires, like locating the original “To” and “From” Addresses along with VERP extraction.



ResponseMaster determines the reason why the email was returned. The message is then associated with a specific class of bounce.



Based on the class of the bounces, a particular set of processing will execute. For example, this is where incorrect email addresses will be purged from your email list, mail will be forwarded, and databases will be updated.  In addition, any actions specific to your organization will be executed.

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Why ResponseMaster

  • Most advanced bounce-categorization algorithm in the industry

  • 25,000 categorization rules… and growing

  • Utilized by Fortune 50 companies

  • Easily integrates into any mail transfer agent (MTA)

  • Enterprise class software

  • Fully resilient

  • Lights-out processing

  • Supports multiple mailbox formats: Maildir, IMAP(s), POP(s)

  • Processes all major international languages and character sets

  • Executes on Windows and Linux

  • Can process thousands of bounces per minute

You should use ResponseMaster if:

  • You receive a lot of bounce-backs from your email campaigns.
  • You are new to using email as a mass-communication vehicle and need to understand why messages bounce and return.
  • Your organization has been unfairly identified as a spammer.
  • You need to better understand if and why your organization is blocked as a spammer.
  • You need a means to respond to challenge-response messages.
  • You need to find user replies in your returned messages.
  • You need to find email address updates in your returned messages.
  • You want to identify bad or unused email addresses.
  • Your email campaigns take longer and longer to send.
  • You are spending excessive time and resources trying to manage your email list.