an email response application by Extreme Messaging
Key Features
Precise, accurate sorting of email messages into these categories:
category example message
Hard bounce Mailbox does not exist.
Soft bounce Host unknown
Mailbox full User mailbox exceeds allowed size
Out of office reply J. Doe is on vacation until May 5.
Network invitation John Smith has asked you to be his friend on SomeNetwork
Unsubscribe request Please remove me from the mailing list.
Subscribe request Please subscribe me to the mailing list.
Mail blocks Sender rejected
Challenge response Please click the link below to verify you are human
Feedback Loop The user has marked your message as spam
Message restriction Message exceeds limit of 16,000 characters.
Redirect User has moved; please try jdoe@example.com.
Delivery status Message still undelivered after 24 hours; will try for another 72 hours.
User reply I'd like to buy 5 widgets.
Read receipt User has read the message.
Virus Executable attachments
Accurate extraction of the subscriber's address from the returned message.
Multiple algorithms enable ResponseMaster to extract even hard-to-identify subscriber addresses.
Flexible post-categorization activities.
Log to a flat file
Log to a database 
Forward the message
Move the message to a subfolder of the mailbox being processed
Move the message to a different mailbox
Write to a RFC822-format file
Make an HTTP request
Call a custom component
Automatic update of categorization rules.
Extreme Messaging constantly tracks changes in mail servers and updates the categorization rules accordingly.
ResponseMaster automatically updates the rules when they change, without intervention on your part.

Key Benefits
Save money on delivery costs by eliminating bad addresses.
Unsubscribe addresses that have Hard Bounces as soon as ResponseMaster identifies them.
Conserve email server use. Some types of failed messages use 10 times more mail server time than successful messages. (Incorrect domain names use the most server time before they fail.)
Improve response rates.
By removing bad addresses, you automatically improve your response rates.
Improve customer service.
Customer service staff can respond to user questions and requests, missing none.
You can stop sending "probes," which many users view as spam.
Prevent and detect problems with your email delivery systems.
Detect blacklisting immediately by having ResponseMaster alert you to email blocks.
Prevent blacklisting by sending fewer undeliverable messages.
Detect other delivery system problems by watching trends in the percentage of undeliverable messages.

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